Teens Tell Their Story: SPOTS. (The Struggles of Being a Teen)

July 26, 2015

So this weeks topics are hormones and stress, but I want to deviate a little from those topics to I subject I know only too well.

I get spots, okay? I do! And I absolutely hate them, as I'm sure all teens do. It's all part of puberty, hormones, boobs, sweating and all that. But at the prime age of 16, I have, unfortunately, become very used to getting spots and the struggles I have to go through to remove them. So for me, personally, pimples are one of the worst struggles any teen has to cope with, and I am here to tell you why.

1. CONFIDENCE AND HOW SPOTS MANAGE TO MAKE IT DISAPPEAR. I wish the spots would disappear instead. For example, when you wake up in the morning, fully refreshed, planning on how hot your gonna look today in your new top, getting out of a hot steamy shower like the model you are, look in the mirror and DAAAAAMN. Since when did a mountain form on your face? Since when was it okay to have two noses? And now my day consists of no makeup, hiding under a blanket in a hoodie, hating the world and yourself because of the eigth wonder of the world that is your ripe golden zit (I apologize for the gory detailing). If you're anything like me, I have an EXTREME lack of self confidence and never ever, EVER leave the house without looking my best. So when I get a spot, I go OTT with stress which raises hormone levels and just makes it bigger and more prominent, which causes more stress, hormones etc. ( like a vicious bacteria infected circle).

2. NO MAKEUP IN THE HISTORY OF CREATION WILL EVER FULLY COVER A SPOT. Sometimes, it only makes it stand out more *cries from lack of hope*.  And you have that painful annoying little voice at the best of your head whispering "everyone can still see it, you spent three hours covering it up for no reason". Ew. I hate my overactive imagination. This just proves that celebrities are spot-allergic aliens.

3. AT SCHOOL PEOPLE WILL STARE, IN FACT EVERYWHERE YOU GO SOMEONE WILL STARE. Which will make you feel like you want to curl up and die from embarrassment. But hey, guess what? At least you have only one spot on their face, you should check out their back.

4. NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXERCISE YOU DO, HOW CLEAN YOU ARE, HOW MUCH CHOCOLATE YOU LOCK AWAY, SPOTS LAST FOREVER. Unfortunately, spots will always be a struggle that every teen has to face. Face, spots ah get it? I apologize for my non-funny humor. So yes, keeping clean and not eating sugary treats definitely helps, but we are not all perfect.

Hopefully I am not the only one who can relate to any of these struggles, and to those who have spots, be proud of your imperfections! No one can make you feel inferior or embarrassed unless you let them! We all have hormones, we all go through puberty, you can't change that. But... If anyone knows of any makeup that belongs in Hogwarts because it magically covers spots, PLEASE TELL ME!

Spots reduction recommendations:

I have tried and tested the very best and worst of spot treatments, so my favourites are listed here:

Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser, ie heaven in a squeezy tube.

Freederm gentle daily facial wash, The exfoliation opens pores, keeps spots away and gets rid of blackheads. Thank you Freederm gods.

Tea tree oil. Literally ANYTHING which has tea tree oil will work wonders on spot prone skin.

Thank you for reading and have a magical day!


New kid on the blog :)

July 23, 2015

Hey guys!
As you may know, Rachel has to end her reign over her blog (why cruel world, why????) . However, I am here to replace her! (or as well as I can anyways). My name is Meli, short for Melissa, and it is my sole pledge to Rachel and all of you readers, for me to take over this blog with such fabulousness and brilliant panazz that will leave you all thoroughly entertained. Hopefully. So without further ado, I give you the new and hopefully fulfilling blog that is Creativity and Crazy. Thank you!

Taking a Pause.

July 05, 2015

Hi Guys, 

*Takes in a deep breathe* this is going to be one of the hardest things that I ever write here.

I was meant to write this post back in February, but I procrastinated and procrastinated for months.

But if I don't do it now, I will never do it.

I am actually about to cry.

I have been blogging for nearing 4 years, and I have absolutely loved it. It has given me so much joy and happiness and I really am so glad to have started. 
And no, I don't think that I started off right, but I realised that I was unhappy and made a change. But this time it isn't like I'm not happy because I am. 

Rachel get to the point!

I have to take a break from blogging, because of family reasons. I really don't want to brag about my family issues for it to be seen all around the internet, but right now I really am not going to do that because of the people it involves. It really isn't a decision for me; and that's what upsets me.

I have an addictive nature, and I suppose over time people close to me can see my attention flickering more towards the  virtual world.

The people around me really tried to help, but I didn't understand what exactly is so wrong with blogging! I still don't but maybe in th future I will.

But right now, I don't want my consistent disobedience of my parents by blogging when they have asked me not to, to be the ending of a relationship with them, because however much I love blogging, I love my family more 👩👩👧👧

Just know that I love you guys so much and that I promise to come back and I will be as crazy as ever!

In the meanwhile, all I will have up will be some goodreads reviews and possibly some beauty reviews! But no tags or hauls or anything else 😢 Unless, which I hope, a special friend of mine becomes involved in this blog and will take over from me!

So Don't you go and forget me!



Jessica Cole: Fashion Assassin by Sarah Sky- Review

July 02, 2015

Fashion Assassin (Jessica Cole: Model Spy, #2)Fashion Assassin by Sarah Sky

Disclaimer: I received this book for review from Scholastic, but that didn't change the fact that I enjoyed the book. In fact, I did ask for the book, because I read the first one and really enjoyed it, but that doesn't affect my review, although I got the book for free.

Fashion Assassin (#2) Blurb:
Models, spies and lipstick gadgets in this fast-paced teen series.Supermodel Jessica Cole has no intention of ever spying again after she was nearly killed by an embittered ex-model and a rogue MI6 agent. That is until she's blackmailed into posing undercover as bodyguard to a very rich fellow model. What seems like a simple job aboard a luxurious yacht in Monaco soon turns into a deadly mission to stop the most dangerous weapon in the world falling into the wrong hands. Jessica will need every gadget in her make-up bag if she wants to get out of this one alive.

Information About the Book:
Genre: Contemporary / Crime YA
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback
Pages: 300
Published: 1st January 2015

I read Sarah Sky: Code Red Lipstick way back in February or March, after the UKYA Extravaganza where I originally bought it. I really loved the book, it was super enjoyable and surprising, because I didn't think that I would enjoy a teen crime novel. But I did.

After I joined the blog tour for the final book in the series, I was offered this book, and I gladly took it, because I wanted to catch up on the events of the story before picking up the third and final book after it came out.

Fashion Assassin is the second book in the 'Jessica Cole: Model Spy Series' by Sarah Sky. These witty novels starring fourteen year old model and spy, Jessica Cole, are each a crazy mystery which she solves with the help of her quick mind, and usually against the will of some professional agent...
This time, Jessica is in Monaco, dealing with the stroppy, spoilt supermodel daughter of a Russian millionaire. Something strange is happening, but can Jessica solve the issue before the past catches up with her?

I had a small issue with the book which is why it just missed out on a 5 star rating, and that was this; Jessica is too mature. I am not saying this in a jealous way, but after a while I felt a little confused why exactly a fourteen year old girl would have no deal with so much. I was thinking, "So you are allowing your daughter to travel the world by herself, when she isn't even allowed to..?" To me it would have made sense if she was sixteen or seventeen. I felt this more towards the end, because that is where a lot of the mind-boggling action happened, but I wasn't too fazed by it. I've met mature fourteen year olds. And I have met six foot one fourteen year olds.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend for you to pick them up. They are super fun, there is also a witty comment or two in each chapter, and you will literally want to have your head in the story the entire time because it is so hooking and enjoyable. Sarah has a great eye for knowing what exactly will make her books so exciting, and it gives her books an age. Definitely go find this one after you have read Code Red Lipstick!

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